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Connecting young people and job seekers with great careers

There is a disconnect between young people and job seekers, and the range of great industries and employment opportunities in New Zealand. We're here to change that, and start connecting the dots. 

So, how do we promote your industry to young people and job seekers across the country, in a way that really inspires them?

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Careers inspirers

Inspirational career videos, showcasing your industry's possibilities and potential. Professional and purposeful.

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Making connections

Building links between young people's knowledge of themselves and the key aspects of your industry.

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Uploaded to InZone kiosks and placed in schools, libraries and community centres around NZ. Accessed by thousands of young people every week.

Remote Learning

Key learning moments

Delivered at times when young people and job seekers are exploring possibilities and open to new ideas, on their terms.

Students Sitting on Staircase

Designed for young people

Tailored with young people and job seekers in mind. Simple, relatable and approachable. Get your message across the right way.

Youth Counseling

Careers advice, delivered.

Placing your industry, and the pathways within, in front of young people when they need it the most. Cutting out the middleman, and helping them make informed decisions about their future.



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Painting and Decorating

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